DIY Products

Here are two products you can use to design your own books.

The guide is easy to read and will lead you step-by-step through typesetting your first novel. It does not go into how to create visual/ graphic books – but would serve as a very good starting point for learning InDesign.

The templates are prebuilt book templates made up with the correct margins, and more importantly all of the styles pre created. If you don’t know what a paragraph style is – you should read the book ;). They are basically code which says ‘this paragraph is a chapter heading’ or ‘this paragraph is standard body text’ – when your whole document is coded like this it gives you the freedom to make changes to the entire book instantly. You can tell InDesign to change all ‘chapter headings’ to be red, 22pt times, and centred horizontally. This will save you anĀ enormous amount of time, but also more importantly will ensure consistency throughout your whole book – so your book looks proper.